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Candidates List


Christopher Wise

Director of Finance and Operations


New Hope, PA

Christofer is a seasoned senior operations executive with a remarkable track record of success in turnaround scenarios, scaling operations, and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. With the ability to think strategically and execute tactically, Christofer excels in leading teams to collaborate effectively and achieve outstanding results. He is a proficient communicator across all organizational levels, adept at articulating vision and roadmaps for success. Christofer has demonstrated leadership in global operations, manufacturing, procurement, and supply chain management across diverse environments, including startups and Global 100 companies.

Michael L. Hollis

Director of Maintenance


Charlotte, NC

An accomplished professional with over two decades of expertise in Manufacturing, Equipment Engineering, Operations, and EH&S. Known for adeptly leading multiple teams and demonstrating a track record of initiative and success in challenging environments. A results-oriented manager with a proven ability to optimize operational processes and drive cross-functional collaboration. Achievements include enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. Proficient in planning and executing facility projects while adhering to regulatory requirements and project deadlines.

Alexander Taylor

Senior Maintenance Logistics Director


Whispering Pines, NC

Alexander is a seasoned logistician with over three decades of experience in maintenance management and material logistics support across commercial and military sectors. Renowned for his dynamic leadership and strategic insight, he has successfully directed large teams of up to 500 personnel, ensuring operational excellence in maintenance facilities and production centers. Alexander's proficiency extends to overseeing the implementation of ERP systems, orchestrating lean principles, and optimizing production inventories to enhance organizational efficiency. His comprehensive expertise in Microsoft Software Applications, workflow software, and databases underscores his commitment to leveraging technology for operational enhancement.

Satya Sanivarapu

Director of Commercial Supply Chain


Basking Ridge, NJ

Satya is a seasoned Supply Chain Thought Leader with over 18 years of experience, leveraging technology and data science to solve complex challenges in the industry. With a background in technology and data science from MIT and extensive experience in leading CPG/Retail firms, Satya has honed his skills in applying machine learning algorithms, statistical modeling, and simulation software to drive strategic and tactical decisions in supply chain management.

Jonathan Gaylord

Vice President


El Paso, TX

Jonathan is a dynamic and innovative results-driven executive leader with a wealth of experience in achieving growth and operational success. He excels in directing all aspects of change management, business development, production, and operations in multi-site manufacturing environments. With a talent for assembling and leading cross-functional teams, Jonathan drives innovation, creates strategic partnerships, and maximizes productivity while maintaining quality standards. His strong analytical mind and leadership skills have led to the development of high-performing teams and the success of complex organizations.

Paul Wentzler

Vice President of Product Development


Houston, TX

Paul is a dynamic and results-driven engineering leader with over 25 years of industrial experience in seismic and marine oil & gas product development and manufacturing engineering. He has a proven ability to translate technical ideas into cost-effective, high-quality products, driving success in competitive markets. Paul has spearheaded the development of industry-leading seismic systems and led innovative projects that have opened new avenues for exploration.

Fadi Basma

Sr. Vice President


Houston, TX

Fadi is a seasoned executive director with a proven track record of invigorating dual bottom lines for sustainable profitable growth. With extensive experience in strategic leadership, financial modeling, and spearheading technology product development, Fadi navigates complex industry landscapes with finesse, driving organizations to outstanding growth and operational proficiency. His persuasive communication skills and tenacious problem-solving abilities have enabled him to cultivate high-performance teams and corporate cultures aligned with strategic ambitions.

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