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Director of Supply Chain

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Adonis is a results-driven supply chain director with a solid background in managing distribution centers, leading cross-functional teams, and driving operational excellence. With a focus on maximizing efficiency, optimizing inventory control, and improving financial performance, Adonis has consistently delivered measurable results and achieved key performance targets. Known for his strong analytical skills, strategic mindset, and commitment to continuous improvement, Adonis is well-equipped to lead supply chain operations and drive business growth.

Accomplishments and Key Skills

Adonis's key accomplishments and skills include:

  • Oversight of multiple distribution centers and 3PL facilities, managing large teams and achieving significant improvements in shipping order accuracy, inventory accuracy, and return rates.

  • Expertise in financial analysis, budget management, and performance monitoring, driving actionable insights and cost-saving initiatives to enhance operational efficiency.

  • Strong leadership skills, with a focus on developing streamlined processes, implementing best practices, and fostering a culture of safety and excellence.

  • Proficiency in ERP/MRP systems, MS Office, and compliance with industry regulations such as GMP, OSHA, FDA, and ISO standards.

  • Strategic planning and project management experience, including capital projects, process improvements, and annual business planning to meet performance targets.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-site and remote roles.

  • Remote Roles: Experienced in remote work and collaboration.

  • Compensation Seeking: Open to discussing compensation details based on role and responsibilities.

  • Position Seeking: Seeking senior-level roles in supply chain management, logistics, or operations leadership within the pharmaceutical or consumer goods industries.

Work Experience
  1. Director of Supply Chain - Advagen Pharmaceuticals

    • Responsible for oversight of multiple 3PL distribution centers, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and driving financial analysis to improve operational performance.

  2. Director of Logistics - NeilMed Pharmaceuticals

    • Managed global logistics and distribution operations, achieving significant improvements in shipping order accuracy, inventory accuracy, and warehouse saturation.

  3. General Manager / Supply Chain & Logistics - Bollore Logistics

    • Led 3PL and e-commerce facilities, achieving notable improvements in shipping order accuracy, same-day shipping, and return rates, while driving financial analysis and strategic planning initiatives.

  4. Director of Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution - Sports Authority

    • Managed multiple distribution centers, overseeing inventory control, operational efficiency, and employee health and safety programs, while achieving significant improvements in on-time delivery and inventory accuracy.

  • Bachelor of Science and MBA degrees from Miami, FL.

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