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Alex Lee

Principal Software Designer

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Alex brings extensive experience in software design and system engineering, particularly within the realm of medical devices. His leadership in architecting complex systems, coupled with a deep understanding of quality management standards, ensures the successful delivery of innovative solutions. Alex's comprehensive skill set, ranging from mobile application development to cloud server design, positions him as a versatile and accomplished professional in the field.

Accomplishments and KPIs
  • Led development teams for class 3 medical devices, overseeing the entire software development lifecycle.

  • Architected and implemented complex systems using Bluetooth Low Energy, WIFI, and cloud technologies.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in quality management standards for medical device software, including IEC 62304 and ISO 9001.

  • Developed automation testing frameworks and conducted systematic test approaches to ensure product reliability.

  • Extensive experience in API design, communication protocols, and distributed system architecture.

Work Experience

Cognos Therapeutics Inc. - Inglewood, CA Principal Software Designer/Developer/Engineer August 2017 to Present

  • Led the design and implementation of software applications for class 3 medical devices, collaborating with medical teams and engineers.

  • Established quality system procedures and documentation for startup operations, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Designed mobile applications, communication protocols, and cloud server architectures for data processing and storage.

Neuro-Kinesis Inc - Inglewood, CA Principal Software Engineer March 2023 to March 2024

  • Contributed to the development of surgical catheter projects for recording intracardiac signals and 3D mapping.

  • Designed protocols and APIs for bio-sensor data collection, focusing on contact-force measurement for diagnostics.

  • Played a key role in hardware and software requirements documentation efforts for medical devices.

PTC Power Inc - Irvine, CA Software Developer May 2023 to November 2023

  • Led the conversion and porting of Java POS systems from Windows to Linux platforms for electric charging stations.

  • Conducted code reviews and system assessments to ensure compatibility and functionality on Linux platforms.

Beckman Coulter Inc. - Chatsworth, CA Senior System Engineer (with Software Development) January 2007 to August 2017

  • Designed and developed system architectures for class 2 in vitro diagnostics (IVD) platforms, including microscopic and chemistry analysis systems.

  • Managed software development processes from design to FDA final testing, ensuring adherence to quality standards.

Troika Networks Inc - Westlake Village, CA Staff Software Engineer November 2000 to April 2003

  • Contributed to the architecture design team for fiber optics switch systems, focusing on embedded Linux platforms.

  • Developed communication drivers, APIs, and management software for real-time distributed systems.

General Dynamics Government Systems - Thousand Oaks, CA Senior Software Engineer July 1996 to October 2000

  • Developed server-side APIs and TCP/IP socket communication protocols for real-time imagery processing systems.

  • Designed and implemented database transfer protocols and JDBC connections for data exchange.

Pronto - Carson, CA Data Analyst and Programmer July 1989 to June 1992

  • Programmed and maintained wholesale automobile parts warehouse databases, optimizing operations.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: Remote, Hybrid, and On-site roles

  • Compensation Seeking: Competitive salary reflective of experience and responsibilities

  • Position Seeking: Leardership roles in Software Engineering.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceUniversity of California - Los Angeles, CA

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Alex Lee
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