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Antonio Dalde

Sr. RAN Engineer | Data Analyst

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

With a diverse background in RAN design engineering, Antonio has demonstrated proficiency in supporting major telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon. His roles have involved remote RF design support for LTE/5G networks, evaluation of site candidates, preparation of coverage justification maps, and coordination with site acquisition teams. Antonio's expertise in utilizing tools like ATOLL, FUZE, and AT&T RMAP underscores his ability to deliver quality RF designs.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Successfully provided RF design support for LTE/5G network expansions across different markets, ensuring optimal coverage and performance.

  • Utilized advanced tools like ATOLL and FUZE to conduct coverage/KPI analysis, evaluate site candidates, and prepare RFDS documentation.

  • Demonstrated leadership by attending scoping meetings, issuing final RFDS, and coordinating with vendors for project execution, contributing to the successful completion of multi-carrier expansion projects.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-Site Roles.

  • Compensation Seeking: Open to Review Upon Booked Meeting.

  • Position Seeking:: Antonio is interested in roles related to senior RAN design engineering, RF system engineering, or RF performance engineering.

Work Experience

Senior RAN DESIGN ENGINEER at AT&T – SoCal Market - Los Angeles, CA

  • Provided remote RF design support for LTE/5G networks.

  • Utilized ATOLL for coverage/KPI analysis.

  • Issued final RFDS using Autoforms app to C&E vendors.

Senior RAN DESIGN ENGINEER at Verizon - Los Angeles, CA

  • Supported LTE/5G network expansions.

  • Utilized ATOLL and FUZE for coverage/KPI analysis.

  • Processed FCC-Contour, RFE Analysis, and E911.

Senior RAN DESIGN ENGINEER at AT&T – NorCal Market - San Francisco, CA

  • Provided RF design support for LTE/5G networks.

  • Used ATOLL for coverage/KPI analysis.

  • Issued final RFDS using Autoforms app to C&E vendors.


  • Utilized ATOLL for coverage/KPI analysis.

  • Prepared Technical Approval KPI Summary for all LA Market.

  • Evaluated and ranked NSB site candidates.

Senior RF DESIGN ENGINEER at AT&T - Northern California, USA

  • Prepared E911 Datafill and submitted to Intrado.

  • Checked Intrado dump to verify site readiness.

  • Reviewed and approved Sweeps/Redlined RFDS.

Senior UMTS RF ENGINEER at Telus Mobility Project - Calgary, AB

  • Led Tuning and Optimization of UMTS network for TELUS.

  • Created Mapinfo Addon for visualization.

  • Performed CPICH Ec/Io and Throughput analysis.

Senior UMTS RF ENGINEER at AT&T - Louisiana, USA

  • Led a team for NOLA UMTS projects.

  • Created Mapinfo Addon for analysis.

  • Developed procedures for network performance analysis.

Senior RF SYSTEM ENGINEER at Motorola - Sprint/Nextel - Illinois, USA

  • Undertook Network Performance Improvement tasks.

  • Prepared Neighbour Rotation Algorithm.

  • Analyzed drive test data for optimization.

RF Performance Engineer at T-Mobile USA - New York, NY

  • Created Access Databases for KPI analysis.

  • Reviewed and resolved performance metrics/KPIs.

  • Designed boundaries and rehome plans.

RF Engineer at Etisalat - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

  • Conducted RF propagation and performance analysis.

  • Prepared Search Ring, Site Audit, and Link Budget.

  • Planned BSC, LAC, EDGE/GPRS, and In-Building Solutions.

  • BS in Electronics & Communication Engineering

    • Lyceum of the Philippines - Manila

  • Master Certification in T-Mobile, NY

    • Etisalat Academy - Chicago, IL

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Antonio Dalde
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