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Brendan Ginn, MBA

Director, IS Strategy and Operations

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Brendan is an exceptional leader with a proven track record of driving digital transformation and technology strategy within global organizations. With expertise in program management, relationship management, and technology implementation, Brendan is adept at aligning technology initiatives with business objectives. He possesses strong leadership skills and a commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within teams. Brendan's extensive experience and strategic mindset make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to drive technology-driven change and innovation.

Accomplishments and Key Skills

Brendan's key accomplishments and skills include:

  • Successfully leading technology strategy, planning, and operations for global pharmaceutical companies.

  • Driving digital transformation initiatives, including AI, automation, and predictive analytics, to achieve strategic objectives.

  • Establishing effective stakeholder relationships and providing trusted advisory support to business leaders.

  • Leading program management efforts to ensure the successful execution of technology projects and initiatives.

  • Demonstrating expertise in vendor management, budget management, and compliance within technology operations.

  • Developing and leading high-performing teams to drive innovation, collaboration, and business success.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-site and remote roles.

  • Remote Roles: Experienced in remote work and collaboration.

  • Compensation Seeking: Open to discussing compensation details based on role and responsibilities.

  • Position Seeking: Seeking leadership roles in technology program management, strategy, and operations within Pharmaceutical space.

Work Experience
  1. Director, IS Strategy and Operations - Astellas Pharmaceuticals

    • Lead technology strategy, planning, and operations for a global pharmaceutical company, driving digital transformation and stakeholder engagement.

  2. Associate Director, R&D Technology Strategy and Operations - Astellas Pharmaceuticals

    • Led business operations and technology planning for Astellas' Global Development division, focusing on digital transformation and vendor management.

  3. Global Systems Implementation Manager - Beam Suntory

    • Directed the implementation of cloud-based enterprise systems for a global spirits company, managing project delivery and vendor partnerships.

  4. Korn Ferry - Strategic Deployment Lead

    • Led the strategic deployment of digital technologies for a global talent advisory and services company, focusing on product ownership and client advisory.

  5. Senior Manager, Corporate Systems & Operations - Takeda Pharmaceuticals

    • Directed the deployment of technologies and processes to support global expansion and organizational change within Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

  • Executive Education: Technology Strategy from the University of Chicago.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of San Francisco.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University.

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Brendan Ginn, MBA
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