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Daniel Hedberg

Software Architect

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Daniel is a highly skilled Software Architect known for his strategic mindset and technical prowess in cloud architecture and AI technologies. With a track record of successfully leading projects from inception to implementation, he excels in designing scalable and secure solutions that drive business growth. Daniel is now seeking opportunities to leverage his expertise and contribute to innovative projects in a dynamic environment.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Led architectural design and implementation efforts for migrating on-premise applications to cloud platforms, resulting in increased scalability and efficiency.

  • Developed machine learning models for calibrating products in production and IoT devices in the field, enhancing product quality and performance.

  • Introduced Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and cloud security policies, resulting in improved resource management and enhanced security posture.

Work Experience

Software ArchitectH2scan, Inc. - Valencia, CA(October 2022 to January 2024)

  • Planned and executed the migration of an on-premise manufacturing app to the Azure cloud, leveraging machine learning models for product calibration.

  • Utilized Azure DevOps, .NET, and AI Copilot for seamless integration and development, ensuring high-quality and scalable solutions.

Azure Cloud Architect Consultant Kwik Trip - La Crosse, WI(February 2022 to September 2022)

  • Reviewed and optimized Azure cloud utilization, implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and addressed security gaps, enhancing overall cloud environment efficiency.

  • Integrated Azure DevOps releases and ServiceNow approvals, streamlining deployment processes and ensuring compliance.

Sr. Multi-Cloud Security Architect3M - Saint Paul, MN (November 2019 to May 2021)

  • Played a key role in migrating on-premise applications to the cloud as a founding member of the Cloud Security Engineering (CSE) team, ensuring adherence to enterprise-wide best practices.

  • Developed a Centralized Logging Service (CLS) for enterprise AI threat analysis, enhancing cloud application security and monitoring capabilities.

Senior Software Consultant PeopleNet (now Trimble Transportation) - Minnetonka, MN (November 2018 to November 2019)

  • Contributed to the successful delivery of a 1.0 release as part of an eight-person team, developing an enterprise-wide data analytics backend wrapped in a REST Web API.

  • Created data visualizations to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) 24/7, ensuring optimal system performance and reliability.

Enterprise Architect CAD Technology Center - Bloomington, MN (April 2018 to September 2018)

  • Delivered a fixed-bid turn-key Azure-based web solution ahead of schedule and under budget, showcasing expertise in Microsoft .NET, MVC, and Azure cloud technologies.

  • Developed a self-hosted Web API and an MVC website with dynamic, real-time data visualizations, enhancing scalability and performance.

Lead .NET/Azure Enterprise Architect Microsoft (via Gage Marketing Group) - Plymouth, MN (July 2012 to December 2017)

  • Led the rewrite of Microsoft’s Retail Employee resource portal over four years, migrating rack-hosted sites to the cloud using Azure.

  • Forked the ExpertZone code base to create a Microsoft portal for educators, enhancing functionality and engagement.

Software Architect Dow Jones Wall Street Journal - Minneapolis, MN (November 2011 to April 2012)

  • Developed a dynamic data mapper to unify access to NewsCorp’s stock market data, enabling retirement of legacy servers.

  • Implemented a WCF streaming-based service and a web portal to monitor and map data, improving data accessibility and visualization.

Lead Software Developer ShopNBC - Eden Prairie, MN (August 2011 to November 2011)

  • Designed and implemented a rules-based logic engine for a dynamic call routing system, enhancing call management efficiency.

  • Developed a web portal to monitor the call routing system, providing real-time insights and performance tracking.

Multipurpose Software Development Resource Connexions Loyalty Travel Services - Eden Prairie, MN (September 2009 to August 2011)

  • Implemented a software adapter for accessing JP Morgan Chase point bank, enhancing integration capabilities.

  • Managed offshore development and QA resources, mentoring junior developers and introducing new processes and technologies.

Director of Software Development Appolis - Minneapolis, MN (May 2007 to August 2008)

  • Updated the company's technology stack and introduced agile processes, enhancing development efficiency and product quality.

  • Architected, designed, and implemented a new mobile Delivery Tracking signature capture application, improving operational efficiency.

.NET Web Developer Jangl, Inc - Pleasanton, CA (June 2007 to March 2008)

  • Extended Jangl’s website functionality to the Facebook platform and other social media platforms, expanding user reach and engagement.

  • Managed new team members and offshore QA resources, ensuring effective collaboration and project delivery.

Software Rewrite Manager Fidelity National Information Services - Kansas City, KS (September 2006 to May 2007)

  • Launched the rewrite of a major banking application, overseeing project funding, staffing, and initial requirements gathering.

  • Defined software development methodology and architecture, ensuring project alignment with organizational goals and standards.

Enterprise Architecture Consultant Charles Schwab - San Francisco, CA (May 2006 to August 2006)

  • Designed and implemented a high-performance web service framework that functions as a business tier within the Schwab infrastructure, handling millions of application requests daily.

  • Coordinated requirements gathering and prioritizing between several departments, garnering project buy-in from VP-level department heads.

Lead .NET Windows Developer KMC Controls - South Bend, IN (September 2005 to May 2006)

  • Participated in business analysis, architecture, design, and technology selection for a Windows-based C# application, which creates dynamic websites that monitor and control HVAC building equipment.

  • Reviewed and refined business requirements with respect to existing software, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Software Development Contractor Wells Fargo Bank - Phoenix, AZ(March 2005 to July 2005)

  • Served on a 10-person development team tasked with delivering a proof-of-concept for an enterprise-wide risk management and tracking system, built within 90 days using C#.

  • Utilized SQL Server and Microsoft Application Blocks for efficient data management and application scalability.

.NET Web Architect Minnetonka Audio Software - Minnetonka, MN (February 2004 to January 2005)

  • Designed and developed web-based applications for selling and activating software over the Internet, optimizing shipping, inventory management, and CRM processes.

  • Successfully migrated existing applications from a third-party hosting service to an in-house data center, ensuring data security and accessibility.

Macintosh Software Developer Phillips Electronics - Minnetonka, MN (August 2004 to October 2004)

  • Ported an audio DSD encoder from Windows to Macintosh OS/X, rewriting thread management classes and optimizing performance for the Mac platform.

  • Reverse engineered 80x86 inline assembly and recoded for PowerPC architecture, ensuring compatibility and performance.

Lead Technical Consultant Objective Data Storage - Minnetonka, MN (October 2002 to January 2004)

  • Revived a hierarchical storage management (HSM) engine by wrapping it within a web server application and XML web services, targeting a new market in medical imaging.

  • Acted as the sole Business Analyst, researching competitive products and positioning products in available marketplace niches.

Technical Consultant/Developer NextNet Wireless - Bloomington, MN(June 2002 to September 2002)

  • Designed and implemented a web-based front end for a new broadband wireless Internet access product using J#, JavaScript, and ASP.NET.

  • Interoperated with a Unix-based web server via XML web services, ensuring seamless communication and functionality.

Windows Software Developer CyberOptics - Minneapolis, MN (January 2002 to May 2002)

  • Designed and implemented usability enhancements for a Windows MFC application, working in conjunction with a real-time QNX data acquisition PC.

  • Made extensive usage of OpenGL and the Visitor design pattern for optimized performance and user experience.

OS/2 Software Developer Medtronic - Minneapolis, MN (October 2001 to December 2001)

  • Created a customized version of an OS/2-based UI for a new pacemaker, enabling secure communication with the pacemaker using Radio Frequency (RF) and firmware updates.

  • Designed and implemented features to meet stringent medical device regulations and performance standards.

Lead Software Engineer Cognicity - Edina, MN (October 1999 to February 2001)

  • Led development efforts of a “skins-based” UI for a Windows audio player, including the implementation of a proprietary inaudible watermark.

  • Built an MFC-based application that communicated with an IIS website to implement “viral marketing” strategies, driving user engagement and adoption.

Windows User Interface Developer XIOtech - Eden Prairie, MN (January 1997 to December 1999)

  • Developed Windows network management software to monitor and configure XIOtech’s 64-drive RAID units, exposing status information via SNMP.

  • Implemented a proprietary communication protocol for seamless integration with XIOtech hardware, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Windows User Interface Developer ADC Telecommunications - Minnetonka, MN (January 1993 to December 1997)

  • Sole developer of a Windows front end for the company’s telecommunication hardware, selling for $4MM a copy.

  • Implemented telecom-based standards and protocols, ensuring compatibility and functionality with existing network infrastructure.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-Site, Hybrid, and Remote Roles.

  • Remote Roles: Open to discussing remote opportunities based on position and requirements.

  • Compensation Seeking: Competitive salary aligned with industry standards and role expectations.

  • Position Seeking: Software Architect roles.

  • Masters of Science (MS) in Software Engineering University of St Thomas - Saint Paul, MN

  • Bachelors of Science (BS) in Computer Science St. Cloud State University - Saint Cloud, MN

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Daniel Hedberg
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