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Eddie Turner

Urgent Care Physician

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Eddie's career exemplifies dedication to patient care, leadership, and continuous learning. From serving as a clinical instructor to holding roles as a medical director and chief resident, Eddie has demonstrated his ability to excel in both clinical and administrative capacities. His extensive experience in diverse healthcare settings highlights his adaptability and expertise in providing comprehensive medical services.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Throughout his career, Eddie has achieved numerous accomplishments, including providing solo patient care in urgent care and emergency room settings, overseeing clinic operations as a medical director, and mentoring medical students and residents as a clinical instructor. His contributions to medical research and commitment to serving in the U.S. Army further demonstrate his dedication to healthcare and service.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-Site, Hybrid, and Remote Roles.

  • Remote Roles: Willing to consider remote opportunities based on position requirements.

  • Compensation Seeking: Open to discussing during a booked meeting.

  • Position Seeking: Open to roles as a Physician in urgent care, occupational medicine, primary care, or emergency room settings.

Work Experience
  • Staff Physician, Peachtree Occupational Medicine (East Point, GA)

    • Responsible for treating on-the-job injuries, conducting physicals, performing DOT examinations, interpreting x-rays, suturing, casting, and splinting.

  • Urgent Care Physician, Atlanta Urgent Care at Peachtree (Atlanta, GA)

    • Provided solo patient care in a high-level hospital urgent care environment, including cardiac evaluation and stabilization, minor procedures, x-ray interpretation, suturing, gynecological/pap exams, casting/splinting, and physical exams. Managed 25-40 patients per 12-hour shift.

  • Medical Director/Physician, Mableton Urgent Care (Mableton, GA)

    • Oversaw operations at an urgent care facility, including acute illness and minor injury treatment, x-rays, sutures, burn/wound care, gynecological/pap exams, school physicals, immunizations, and DOT physicals. Also responsible for staffing and administrative duties.

  • Emergency Room Physician, Vista Health Partners (South Dakota)

    • Provided care in a low-volume emergency room on a remote Indian reservation, including minor procedures, x-ray interpretation, suturing, gynecological/pap exams, casting/splinting, obstetrics, and physical exams. Managed 30-50 patients per 12-hour shift.

  • Urgent Care Physician, BestCare Now (Atlanta, GA)

    • Provided acute care for patients of all ages in an urgent care setting.

  • Primary Care Physician, Palmetto Health (Carrollton, GA)

    • Provided primary care services at a federally qualified community health center, including chronic disease management, acute care, cardiac evaluation and stabilization, minor procedures, gynecological/pap exams, casting/splinting, and physical exams. Managed 25 patients per day.

  • Primary Care Physician, West End Medical Center (Atlanta, GA)

    • Provided comprehensive care for patients of all ages at a community health center.

  • Clinical Instructor, Morehouse School of Medicine (Atlanta, GA)

    • Instructed medical students at the Department of Family Medicine.

  • Staff Clinician, Fulton County Department of Health & Wellness (Atlanta, GA)

    • Provided occupational medicine and primary care services.

  • Urgent Care Physician, JW Medical Associates/CompHeath (Riverdale, GA)

    • Provided patient care in an urgent care setting, including acute care, minor procedures, suturing, and primary care.

  • Postgraduate training in Leadership Fellowship at Morehouse School of Medicine - Atlanta, GA.

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Eddie Turner
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