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Grace Omonigho

Commercial Attorney

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Grace brings a wealth of legal expertise to the table, particularly in corporate law and commercial contracts. Her experience encompasses a wide range of practice areas, including intellectual property, technology contracts, data privacy, and regulatory compliance. With a proven track record of success in managing legal operations, negotiating agreements, and providing strategic guidance, Grace is well-equipped to handle complex legal challenges. Her dedication to delivering high-quality legal services and her ability to adapt to evolving legal landscapes make her a valuable addition to any legal team.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Grace has achieved significant milestones throughout her career, including managing the entire contracting process for complex commercial and procurement agreements at Integreon. Her role at JSL Automation involved structuring, drafting, and negotiating a high volume of commercial contracts, demonstrating her efficiency and attention to detail. Grace's experience in corporate compliance at Multiplan Nigeria Limited highlights her ability to assess and mitigate legal risks while ensuring regulatory compliance. Her proficiency in contract review, drafting, and negotiation has contributed to her success in various legal roles, earning her recognition as a skilled attorney.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-Site, Hybrid, and Remote Roles.

  • Remote Roles: Open to discussing remote opportunities based on the specific position and requirements.

  • Compensation Seeking: Competitive salary based on qualifications and experience.

  • Position Seeking: Legal roles in corporate law, commercial contracts, intellectual property, technology contracts, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Work Experience

Integreon (on assignment at Toyota) - Remote (November 2022 to Present)

  • Commercial Attorney

  • Manages complex commercial and procurement agreements, negotiates contracts, and provides legal advice on various legal issues.

JSL Automation - United States (January 2020 to November 2022)

  • Corporate Attorney (Remote)

  • Provided legal advice, drafted commercial contracts, and addressed legal risks associated with business operations.

Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. - Houston, TX (July 2019 to December 2019)

  • Contract Attorney

  • Reviewed and analyzed legal documents for litigation and M&A due diligence.

Alonge Law Firm, Inc. - Houston, TX (September 2018 to April 2019)

  • Staff Attorney

  • Handled immigration matters, including visa applications and client communication.

Multiplan Nigeria Limited - Harcourt, IA (April 2012 to July 2015)

  • Corporate Compliance Counsel

  • Advised on legal and regulatory compliance, drafted contracts, and managed corporate governance matters.

Multiplan Maritime Oil & Gas Ltd - Harcourt, IA (April 2012 to July 2015)

  • Contracts Attorney

  • Drafted and negotiated contracts, ensured contract compliance, and managed contract administration.

  • LL.M. in Law, Tulane Law School - New Orleans, LA (July 2015 to May 2016)

  • J.D. in Law, Rivers State University - Harcourt, IA (September 2001 to July 2007)

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Grace Omonigho
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