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Homero Gonzalez

Operations and Supply Chain Director

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Homero is a results-driven Operations and Supply Chain leader with a proven track record of success in optimizing processes, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency. With extensive experience spanning various industries and geographies, he brings a unique blend of operational expertise and financial acumen to drive organizational success. Homero's ability to lead cross-functional teams, implement strategic initiatives, and leverage technology to streamline operations makes him a valuable asset in dynamic and fast-paced environments.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Homero has demonstrated a consistent ability to deliver tangible results and drive continuous improvement throughout his career. At Mancor Industries, he successfully improved planning and scheduling processes, resulting in a significant reduction in customer lates and record revenue growth. His strategic implementation of ABC and cycle counts led to substantial reductions in obsolete materials and inventory costs. Homero's leadership in coordinating supplier transitions and optimizing inventory levels underscores his commitment to operational excellence and customer satisfaction. His experience in overseeing supply chain activities for multinational companies, such as PPG Industries and SCA Americas, further highlights his ability to manage complex operations and deliver results on a global scale.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-Site, Hybrid, and Remote Roles.

  • Remote Roles: Open to discussing remote opportunities based on the specific position and requirements.

  • Compensation Seeking: Competitive compensation package aligned with industry standards and role expectations.

  • Position Seeking: Director-level roles in operations, supply chain management, or related fields within manufacturing or multinational corporations.

Work Experience
  • Supply Chain Manager Mancor Industries - Philadelphia, PA

    • Directed and organized all supply chain operations, leading to significant improvements in customer service and revenue growth. Implemented strategic initiatives to reduce customer lates and optimize inventory levels, resulting in record revenue per month.

  • Supply Chain Manager Custom Glass Solutions - Philadelphia, PA

    • Coordinated supply chain activities for two value streams of a $20 million company, focusing on OTIF delivery to customers. Led the transition to a new ERP system and implemented ABC and cycle count strategies to optimize inventory.

  • Supply Chain Manager PPG Industries - Philadelphia, PA

    • Oversaw all supply chain activities for two manufacturing plants, driving improvements in OTIF performance, procurement, and inventory management. Implemented forecast analysis and contributed to production volume increases and inventory reduction initiatives.

  • Operations Director Social Energreen Solutions, LLC. - Philadelphia, PA

    • Led international operations and supply chain activities, driving improvements in lead times, operational costs, and inventory levels. Developed and implemented KPI systems to monitor supply chain impact on financial results and service level agreements.

  • Supply Chain Sourcing Controller, Americas SCA Americas (Now Essity) - Philadelphia, PA

    • Managed procurement and financial activities for the Supply Chain Sourcing Americas Team, achieving significant savings through cost reduction initiatives and project management.

  • MBA in Corporate Finance - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

  • Graduate Certificate in Finance - Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Cundinamarca

  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Cundinamarca

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Homero Gonzalez
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