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Jeanette Ponce


Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Jeanette's career reflects a commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare across diverse patient populations. From serving as a Family Practice Physician to leading addiction treatment programs, she has consistently exhibited a passion for improving patient outcomes. Jeanette's extensive experience in managing chronic conditions, conducting in-home evaluations, and coordinating multidisciplinary care underscores her versatility and proficiency in addressing complex medical needs.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Jeanette's contributions to healthcare have been recognized through awards such as the Women Making a Difference award. Her research background and publication in molecular cardiology demonstrate her commitment to advancing medical knowledge. Throughout her career, Jeanette has excelled in providing compassionate patient care, mentoring healthcare professionals, and implementing innovative care strategies to enhance patient outcomes.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-Site, Hybrid, and Remote Roles.

  • Remote Roles: Open to discussing remote opportunities based on the specific position and requirements.

  • Compensation Seeking: Open to Review Upon Booked Meeting.

  • Position Seeking: Physician roles.

Work Experience

Cornerstone of Southern California - Santa Ana, CA Physician April 2019 to March 2024

  • Managed patients with substance abuse and mental health disorders in detox, residential, and outpatient settings.

  • Coordinated multidisciplinary care with healthcare professionals.

EZ Care Clinic - Santa Ana, CA Physician/Owner (Sole Shareholder) February 2015 to April 2019

  • Provided comprehensive care for patients with chronic physical and mental health issues.

  • Managed medication access and responsible use.

Censeo Health - Dallas, TX Physician January 2014 to February 2015

  • Conducted in-home evaluations for Medicare and Medical Services.

  • Identified case-management opportunities and created personal health assessments.

The V.N.C.O.C., Inc. - Santa Ana, CA Physician October 2011 to November 2014

  • Provided integrated primary care for adult mental health and substance abuse clients.

  • Represented primary care physicians in collaborative care initiatives.

The Wellness Center - Santa Ana, CA Health Educator February 2010 to January 2011

  • Provided referral services for addiction and mental health care needs.

  • Educated clients on various health topics including disease management and nutrition.

On-Call Night Physician January 2005 to December 2009

  • Managed patient admissions and diagnoses in a long-term acute-care hospital setting.

  • Supervised patient-care activities and coordinated unit operations.

Kindred Hospital - San Leandro, CA Hospitalist, Internal Medicine January 2005 to August 2009

  • Provided comprehensive medical care for adult patients with internal disorders.

  • Monitored patient progress and reevaluated treatments as necessary.

  • Residency Medical Degree - UCLA Centro de Salud, México, Mich. (January 1994 to December 1996)

  • Bachelor of Science in Bio-Chemistry and Cell Biology - Ventura County Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA (January 1993 to December 1993)

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Jeanette Ponce
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