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Juan Edmundo Munoz

Senior Drilling Engineer

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Juan brings extensive experience and a diverse skill set to the table, ranging from wellsite operations to strategic project management. His proficiency in software tools, such as Landmark Drilling & Completions Suite and Paradigm Drilling Suite, underscores his ability to leverage technology for optimal outcomes. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Juan excels in cross-cultural environments and global project settings. With a passion for innovation and sustainability, Juan is actively seeking opportunities to contribute to the transition toward cleaner energy solutions.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Throughout his career, Juan has spearheaded numerous drilling and completions projects, demonstrating his leadership and technical prowess. From overseeing high-temperature geothermal wells in California to managing deepwater exploration campaigns in Mexico, he has consistently delivered results while adhering to stringent safety standards. Juan's track record of implementing cost-saving measures, optimizing well designs, and mentoring young engineers reflects his commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-Site, Hybrid, and Remote Roles.

  • Remote Roles: Open to discussing remote opportunities based on the specific position and requirements.

  • Compensation Seeking: Competitive compensation package aligned with industry standards and role expectations.

  • Position Seeking: Leadership roles in drilling and completions engineering, project management within the oil and gas sector.

Work Experience
  • Bapco Upstream Senior Drilling Engineer Bapco, Houston, TX - Aug 2023 to Dec 2023

    • Advisor for horizontal drilling and unconventional projects, with a focus on gas storage and CCUS initiatives.

  • Lead Sr Drilling & Completions Engineer CYRQ Energy, Houston, TX - Dec 2022 to July 2023

    • Led project management for high-temperature geothermal wells in Imperial Valley, CA, overseeing well delivery processes and QA/QC interventions.

  • Independent Consultant Norma, OK / Houston, TX - Dec 2019 to Dec 2021

    • Consultant for Repsol Guyana and Petronas Deepwater exploration projects, providing drilling engineering expertise and HSE compliance.

  • Lead Senior Deepwater Drilling Engineer Maersk Oil Houston, Inc., Houston, TX - Jan 2018 to Dec 2018

    • Led drilling operations for deepwater exploration projects in Mexico, managing rig selection, well-control strategies, and procurement activities.

  • Drilling & Completions Manager Pemex, Villahermosa, Mexico - Nov 2015 to Dec 2017

    • Managed drilling operations and complex well projects, achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvements while ensuring HSE compliance.

  • Lead Senior Deepwater Drilling Engineer BP, Houston, TX - Jan 2012 to Dec 2012

    • Led drilling and completion operations for deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico, focusing on HSE compliance and contingency planning.

  • Master of Science in Natural Gas Engineering and Management - University of Oklahoma, Houston, TX - 2018-2021

  • Professional Petroleum Engineer - National University of Engineering - 1994

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Juan Edmundo Munoz
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