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Matthew Lucas

Director of Supply Chain

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Matthew's career spans various leadership roles in supply chain and procurement management. With a proven track record of developing and executing global sourcing and procurement strategies, he has consistently driven efficiencies and cost savings. His expertise in project management and risk mitigation has been instrumental in optimizing supply chain operations and fostering supplier relationships. Matthew's strategic mindset and ability to align procurement strategies with business objectives make him a valuable asset in dynamic environments.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Throughout his career, Matthew has achieved notable accomplishments in supply chain and procurement management:

  • Developed inventory management KPIs and supply risk mitigation strategies at SPR Therapeutics.

  • Established a supply mapping data tool at Saint-Gobain Life Science, enabling the identification of potential disruptions in supply and changes in availability.

  • Led several productivity projects, delivering over $3.5M in total cost reductions at Saint-Gobain.

  • Negotiated price reductions based on expert market knowledge and spearheaded efforts to coordinate sourcing of materials and components in low-cost countries.

  • Achieved over $1MM year-over-year productivity improvements at Aleris through creative sourcing strategies and process optimization.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: Opportunities in the US for any employer.

  • Compensation Seeking: Competitive salary aligned with industry standards and role expectations.

  • Position Seeking: Leadership roles in global procurement and supply chain management.

Work Experience

Director of Supply Chain - SPR Therapeutics

  • Developed and implemented supply chain strategy.

  • Analyzed data to identify production capacity bottlenecks and developed inventory management KPIs.

  • Negotiated with vendors to achieve optimal contract terms and pricing.

  • Coordinated with engineering and R&D groups for new product introduction (NPI).

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Leader - Saint-Gobain Life Science

  • Established buying team's goals and objectives and developed risk mitigation strategies.

  • Authored supply mapping data tool for identifying potential disruptions in supply.

  • Implemented companywide risk mitigation strategy and strategic inventory program.

Global Supply Chain Manager - Saint-Gobain

  • Developed global key raw materials sourcing strategy for over $100MM in annual spend.

  • Led productivity projects, negotiated price reductions, and optimized material management strategies.

Global Procurement Manager - GRAFTECH INTERNATIONAL INC.

  • Developed and monitored buying team's objectives and KPIs.

  • Implemented supplier relationship management program and conducted routine supplier performance reviews.

  • Spearheaded initiatives to optimize costs and improve procurement processes.

Purchasing Manager - GrafTech International

  • Developed sourcing strategies and managed competitive sourcing projects.

  • Led procurement transformation efforts and optimized costs related to product labels.

  • Conducted over 50 indirect sourcing events for professional and consulting services.

Category Manager, Procurement - Aleris

  • Managed sourcing and contract negotiations for various categories.

  • Achieved productivity improvements through creative sourcing strategies.

  • Led freight optimization project resulting in reduced costs and improved efficiency.

  • Executive MBA, Case Western Reserve University of New York

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Matthew Lucas
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