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Mitchell S. Christensen

Manager of Strategic Sourcing

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Mitchell's expertise lies in developing and reviewing corporate-wide commodity strategies, managing supplier relationships, and identifying cost reduction opportunities. He has a strong background in mentoring staff, leading discovery and development processes for new suppliers, and executing cost-effective contracts.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Mitchell has personally managed significant spend areas, resulting in over $28M in annual savings or cost avoidance. His contributions include the development and execution of corporate-wide commodity strategies, negotiation of MSA's, and identification of cost reduction opportunities. Mitchell is skilled in monitoring supplier performance, conducting audits, and ensuring compliance with business law and contract terms.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-site roles.

  • Remote Roles: Willing to consider opportunities based on specific position requirements.

  • Compensation Seeking: Open to discussing compensation details upon scheduling a meeting.

  • Position Seeking: Seeking roles in Supply Chain Management in Oil and Gas industry.

Work Experience
  • AriensCO | Manager of Strategic Sourcing | Multiple Locations

    • Developed, reviewed, and coached corporate-wide commodity strategies.

    • Managed significant spend areas and identified cost reduction opportunities.

    • Mentored staff in commodity strategy development and supplier relationship management.

  • Dairyland Electrical Industries | Sr. Supply Chain Manager | Multiple Locations

    • Developed and managed supplier relationships domestic and international.

    • Managed $30 million of inventory spend annually and negotiated MSA's.

    • Established policies and systems for a successful Supply Chain Department.

  • Broadwind Energy | Supply Chain Manager | Multiple Locations

    • Led strategic relationships with domestic & global partners and managed overall global sourcing strategies.

    • Oversaw supply chain operations, production scheduling, and inventory management.

    • Developed and initiated sourcing cost reduction projects, achieving significant savings.

  • Wausaukee Composites | Facilities Project Manager | Multiple Locations

    • Led capital improvement projects and process improvement initiatives.

    • Negotiated contracts and managed contractor scheduling and coordination.

    • Ensured compliance with environmental permitting and certifications.

  • BS Business Administration

    • Northern Michigan University, 1999-2004

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Mitchell S. Christensen
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