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Pamela Wilson

Systems Engineer

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Pamela is a highly skilled IT professional with a strong background in various roles including Business Analyst, System and Data Analyst, Software Developer, Quality Analyst, and Training Specialist. With expertise in client interactions, proposal development, business process modeling, and all aspects of the SDLC, she brings valuable experience in project management and technical leadership. Pamela is now seeking opportunities to leverage her skills and contribute to innovative projects.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Led requirements elicitation sessions and developed functional requirements, test plans, and change control documentation.

  • Designed, implemented, and tested automation solutions for integrating financial data into client-designed reports, resulting in improved business processes.

  • Managed project teams for monthly financial reporting, including project plan creation and execution.

  • Conducted all work remotely using various communication tools, demonstrating proficiency in remote collaboration.

Work Experience

Systems Engineer, Software Developer Vergence Group, Inc - Indianapolis, IN (August 2017 - June 2018)

  • Analyzed and converted financial reporting applications for Defense Financial and Accounting Services (DFAS) Indianapolis.

  • Led requirements elicitation sessions and designed databases and Excel workbooks for integration into accounting processes.

  • Identified opportunities for business process improvement and led internal tools development.

Solutions Associate, Government Healthcare Opera Solutions, Inc - Jersey City, NJ (April 2015 - March 2017)

  • Led requirements elicitation sessions and developed automation solutions for ACA financial reporting.

  • Managed project team for State-Based Marketplace monthly financial reporting.

  • Conducted all work remotely using various communication tools, ensuring effective remote collaboration.

Business Analyst, Corporate IT Defender Direct, Inc - Indianapolis, IN (April 2014 - February 2015)

  • Led IT Process Improvement Team initiative and performed requirements elicitation for IT applications and BI reports.

  • Planned and managed IT development work using agile methodology.

  • Maintained SQL Server stored procedures and embedded SQL for BI reports.

Software Developer/Data Analyst, ITDA Kelly Services, Inc - Indianapolis, IN (August 2011 - April 2014)

  • Planned, designed, developed, and deployed new functionality to crop protection product trial applications.

  • Developed Excel VBA functions and R procedures for data integration and statistical analysis.

  • Assisted with application UI reengineering and provided application support.

Senior Business Analyst, Lilly Research Laboratories IT (LRL IT) Eli Lilly and Company - Indianapolis, IN (2005 - October 2010)

  • Led requirements elicitation and system change implementation for Regulatory IT applications.

  • Developed and implemented software application modifications using various tools and technologies.

  • Managed system validation documentation and infrastructure upgrades.

Sr. Systems Analyst, Manufacturing Information and Computer Systems (MICS) Eli Lilly and Company - Indianapolis, IN (2002 - 2005)

  • Collaborated on IT process improvement and training initiatives.

  • Developed IT process and training courses and delivered IT process training.

  • Managed application administration and deployment management.

  • Master of Business Administration in Statistics, Finance, Accounting, Marketing Butler University (2010 - 2013)

  • Certification Indiana University (1993 - 2000)

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Purdue University

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Pamela Wilson
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