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Sara Mohammed

Senior Process Engineer

Executive Summary & Candidate Overview

Sara possesses extensive experience in chemical engineering, particularly in petroleum refining and the oil and gas industry. She has a strong skill set in teaching, conducting laboratory sessions, creating learning materials, and providing individual student support.

Accomplishments and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Sara's accomplishments include reducing equipment malfunctions by 20%, troubleshooting manufacturing issues, and mentoring personnel. She has effectively managed day-to-day operations, implemented corrective actions, established safety procedures, and estimated production costs.

Location and Travel
  • Open to: On-site roles.

  • Remote Roles: Willing to consider opportunities based on specific position requirements.

  • Compensation Seeking: Open to discussing compensation details upon scheduling a meeting.

  • Position Seeking: Seeking roles in Chemical Engineering focusing on materials development, construction, process improvement, and teaching/troubleshooting.

Work Experience
  • Process Instructor

    • Houston Community College - Houston, TX

      • Teach courses in Petroleum Refining and the Oil and Gas Industry.

      • Conduct Chemical Engineering Tech Lab II, including lessons on Distillation Design and Chemical Reactions.

      • Create engaging and interactive learning materials for students, including hands-on laboratory exercises, problem sets, and assessments.

      • Mentor students and provide individual support to help them achieve their academic goals.

      • Collaborate with department faculty to align course objectives and assessments with the curriculum.

  • Senior Process Engineer

    • Ventech - Pasadena, TX

      • Reduced equipment malfunctions by 20% through improved work procedures and maintenance.

      • Troubleshot manufacturing issues and mentored factory personnel to resolve them.

      • Managed failure analysis processes and estimated project costs. Determined appropriate analytical techniques to use.

  • Chemical Engineer

    • Green Power - Kingdom of Bahrain

      • Managed day-to-day operations of chemical processes, troubleshooting issues, and implementing corrective actions.

      • Test raw materials and record test result data in report.

      • Establish safety procedures for working with dangerous chemicals.

      • Estimate production costs for management.

  • Process Engineer


      • Confirmed machine functionality to minimize accidents and ensured chemicals produced during the refining process posed no threat to public health.

      • Verified that raw materials met refinery plant specifications.

      • Provided product analysis reports and identified ways to increase production.

  • Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering

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Sara Mohammed
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