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Candidate List


Bridget Edwards

Sr. Network Engineer


Greensboro, NC

Bridget is a highly skilled network engineering professional with extensive experience in telecommunications and project management. She possesses a deep understanding of current and next-gen technologies and is committed to improving customer experience, fostering clear communication across teams, and implementing best practices using Scrum principles. With proven success in leading technical teams, Bridget is well-equipped to drive results and deliver solutions aligned with future business goals.

Timothy Potter

5G Services & Systems Engineer


Township of Lawrence, NJ

Timothy is an accomplished telecommunications engineer with over 11 years of experience in designing and implementing innovative business and technical solutions. He excels in translating business requirements into complex technical solutions and has a proven track record of mentoring and training peers. With superior analytical and troubleshooting skills, Timothy is capable of addressing a wide range of telecommunications challenges.


Voip Engineer II


Austin, TX

David has a profound understanding of today's technologies and a commitment to staying abreast of emerging trends, he brings a wealth of experience in managing various platforms to enhance brand presence and engagement across diverse social media landscapes. Additionally, he is well-versed in the intricacies of Active Directory and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), having successfully executed user management, software deployment, and system configuration projects. His technical acumen is complemented by a passion for coaching and developing both technical and soft skills, fostering a collaborative and high-performance work culture within teams.

Tigran Safaryan

Sr. RF Deployment Engineer


Redmond, WA

Tigran is an accomplished wireless network engineering professional with over 10 years of experience in RF Design, Optimization, and Performance. As a motivated leader with strong analytical skills, he excels in managing projects, improving network performance, and troubleshooting issues to ensure optimal connectivity and customer satisfaction.

Chris Sheeley

Tier 3 Voip Engineer


Gilbert, AZ

Chris is a highly skilled Voip Engineer with extensive experience in database management, web development, HTML coding, and networking infrastructure. With a strong background in VoIP engineering and IT support, Chris is a goal-driven individual who thrives under stressful situations. He is committed to improving company IT departments with his professional and knowledgeable skill set.

James Liu

WiFi Engineer IV


San Jose, CA

James is a highly skilled WiFi engineer with extensive knowledge in IEEE802.11 wireless standards and TCP/IP networking protocols. Proficient in Linux and C development, they specialize in feature development, performance tuning, and issue debugging for embedded WiFi gateway and IoT products. With experience in certification labs, James is adept at identifying and resolving connectivity issues and protocol violations.

Danny Allen

Senior VoIP Engineer


Mount Juliet, TN

Danny is a highly experienced professional seeking a long-term position as a telecommunications technician/applications engineer, computer/telecommunications helpdesk support, or telecommunications administrator. With a deep understanding of current technologies and a commitment to staying updated on emerging trends, Danny is equipped to contribute effectively to telecommunications and business computing environments.

Thomas Charnota

Project Manager II


Orange Park, FL

Thomas is a highly experienced project manager with over 40 years of expertise in managing network upgrades, new services, and multi-location infrastructure projects. With a background in Inside and Outside Plant Engineering, Data Centers, and 911 Centers, Thomas excels in overseeing all aspects of project management, including ROW permits, engineering processes, and quality control.

Cedric Gomez

Network Specialist II - ISPC Coordinator


Chula Vista, CA

Cedric is a skilled network specialist with extensive experience in coordinating resources, managing projects, and providing technical support in telecommunications. He has a proven track record of success in overseeing installations, maintaining network infrastructure, and ensuring high-quality output. Cedric's expertise spans various areas of networking, including fiber optics, wireless communication, and network integration, making him a valuable asset for organizations seeking efficient network solutions.

Michael Palumbo

Senior Voip/NOC Support Engineer


Girard, OH

Michael is an innovative Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer dedicated to ensuring customer uptimes and compliance with service level agreements (SLAs). With a proactive approach to preventive maintenance and a commitment to round-the-clock responsiveness, he excels in providing smooth network operations for VoIP and web hosting companies.

David Diaz

Voice Engineer Lead


Stafford, VA

David is a highly experienced IT professional with over 23 years of comprehensive experience in Desktop support, System Administration, Network Administration, Network/VoIP Engineering, and Tier 1 through T4 support. He holds an Associate's Degree in Computer Systems, Network, and Hardware Technology. David is known for his hardworking nature, dedicated teamwork, and strong commitment to customer service.

Jason Vincent

Senior Systems Engineer


Anna, TX

Jason is a versatile Senior Level Engineer with extensive experience in telecommunications, systems engineering, and product design. With a focus on VoIP, network architecture, and customer support, Jason has a proven track record of managing complex technical projects and providing innovative solutions. They are seeking a new position that offers the opportunity to leverage their skills and expertise in a dynamic team environment.

Barry Harrell

Network Engineer/Voip Engineer


DeSoto, TX

Barry is a seasoned network engineer and project manager with extensive experience in telecommunications. His expertise includes network configuration design, troubleshooting, and project management across various platforms and technologies. Barry is well-versed in Cisco IP Telephony, Genesys CTI, and emergency response systems, making him a valuable asset for complex network deployments and management.


Data Engineer


Beaverton, OR

Ezhilarasi possesses a decade of IT experience, specializing in analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance, and support of big data technologies. With over five years dedicated to data/analytics engineering in the BIG DATA realm, Ezhilarasi is proficient in Hadoop frameworks, including HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, as well as Spark, Scala, Python, PySpark, HIVE, OOZIE, and SQOOP. Ezhilarasi's expertise extends to GCP, BigQuery, GCS buckets, and DataProc, coupled with a strong background in performance tuning and data management.

Jerad Stover

Senior VOIP Translations Engineer


Parker, CO

Jerad is a highly skilled Senior Engineer with a specialization in VOIP translations. With extensive experience in telecommunications, Jerad has managed and implemented translations, projects, and configurations across multiple vendor platforms and networks. Their expertise includes Lucent, Nortel-Ericsson, Oracle/ACME, Sonus-Ribbon, Ericsson Nokia, and Broadsoft technologies. Jerad excels in project management, training, Tier 3 support, and resolving complex routing issues.

Antonio Dalde

Sr. RAN Engineer | Data Analyst


Sacramento, CA

Antonio is a seasoned telecommunications engineer with over 25 years of experience, specializing in 5G/LTE network design, planning, and optimization. He possesses strong skills in data analytics and visualization, utilizing various tools such as SQL, Visual Basic, PowerBI, Tableau, MapBasic, Visio, and Excel-VBA.

Ibrahim Babiker

Director, Solution Architect


Springfield, VA

Ibrahim is a solution-oriented IT specialist with a track record of success in eliciting, documenting, and analyzing business and system requirements. With expertise in Agile Scrum processes, application release management, and telecom CRM, Ibrahim excels in identifying requirement gaps and implementing process enhancements. Their strong communication skills and proficiency in data modeling make them a valuable asset in system integration and project planning.

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