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Candidate List

Logistics and Supply Chain


Associate Director


Land O' Lakes, FL

Anitha is a highly experienced professional with over 19 years of expertise in Research & Development, Formulation, and Production of oral solid and liquid dosage forms for regulatory markets. With a strong background in project management, process optimization, and regulatory compliance, Anitha is seeking a challenging position to leverage her technical skills and contribute to organizational growth.

Ricardo Lopez

Supply Chain Manager


Pearland, TX

Ricardo is a Certified Supply Chain Purchasing Manager with over 25 years of varied experience, including 15 years in the oil and gas industry and 5 years in the Energy Sector. He has a proven track record of success in various responsibilities such as fleet management, contracts, insurance, EPC, capital, operations, and expense projects. Ricardo is skilled in identifying, directing, and implementing innovative solutions to improve order management efficiency and increase order accuracy.


Director of Supply Chain


Miami, FL

Adonis is an accomplished supply chain professional with extensive experience in overseeing logistics, distribution, and operations management across various industries. With a proven track record of improving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards, Adonis possesses strong leadership skills and expertise in financial analysis, strategic planning, and process optimization.

Gaston Alvarado

Director of Procurement


Olmsted Falls, OH

Gaston is a resourceful and forward-thinking procurement executive with extensive experience in driving maximum cost efficiency and generating significant company savings through strategic utilization of available resources. He possesses a proven track record of reducing costs, exceeding business objectives, and fostering professional relationships with internal teams and vendors/suppliers. Equipped with AI and ML certification, Gaston brings a distinctive skill set to adeptly source and implement software and data solutions, alongside expertise in rationalizing and consolidating suppliers across local and global markets.

Claudette Calder

Director of Procurement


Millersville, PA

Claudette is a strategic procurement and supply chain director with over 15 years of global experience. She excels in optimizing supply networks, reducing costs, and enhancing operational efficiency. With expertise in strategic sourcing and comprehensive supply chain skills, Claudette has a proven track record of implementing successful acquisition strategies across multi-unit businesses.

Christopher Wise

Director of Finance and Operations


New Hope, PA

Christofer is a seasoned senior operations executive with a remarkable track record of success in turnaround scenarios, scaling operations, and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. With the ability to think strategically and execute tactically, Christofer excels in leading teams to collaborate effectively and achieve outstanding results. He is a proficient communicator across all organizational levels, adept at articulating vision and roadmaps for success. Christofer has demonstrated leadership in global operations, manufacturing, procurement, and supply chain management across diverse environments, including startups and Global 100 companies.

Matthew Lucas

Director of Supply Chain


Painesville, OH

Matthew is a global procurement and supply chain professional with extensive experience in developing and executing sourcing and procurement strategies. He possesses several years of experience driving procurement and supply chain strategies to align with business growth and annual operating plans. Matthew is skilled in project management, driving total cost reductions, inventory optimization, and working capital improvements.

Gary Brozek

Director of Global Supply Chain


North Huntingdon, PA

Gary is an accomplished Director of Global Supply Chain with a wealth of experience in procurement, logistics, and supply chain management across multiple industries. With a strong track record of driving cost savings, implementing strategic initiatives, and optimizing operational efficiencies, Gary has consistently delivered results in complex, global environments. His expertise in supplier management, contract negotiation, and process improvement, coupled with his leadership skills, make him a valuable asset in streamlining operations and driving organizational success.

Homero Gonzalez

Operations and Supply Chain Director


Philadelphia, PA

Homero is a seasoned Operations and Supply Chain Director with over 25 years of experience in leading teams to achieve exceptional results. With expertise spanning manufacturing, planning, sourcing, procurement, warehousing, and distribution, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of supply chain dynamics. Homero's background in finance, complemented by an MBA in Corporate Finance, equips him with the financial acumen to drive strategic decision-making and analyze P&L impacts.

Mark Robinson

Strategic Procurement Director


Pittsburgh, PA

Mark is a dedicated leader with a wealth of experience driving excellence in procurement and supply chain management within regulated environments. With dual US/Canadian citizenship and 20 years of expertise in global procurement, logistics, and supply chain management, Mark brings a comprehensive skill set to the table. His proficiency in SAP, coupled with his strategic vision and process leadership, has consistently led to notable accomplishments in global consolidation, cost reduction, inventory management, quality improvement, and transportation optimization.

Craig Henderson

Sr. Director of Strategic Sourcing


Louisville, KY

Craig is a highly accomplished Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing with over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. His specialized expertise lies in strategic sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management, where he has successfully orchestrated large-scale, global procurement operations and initiatives, resulting in substantial cost savings. Craig is recognized for his leadership in managing extensive external spending and implementing innovative sourcing strategies across diverse categories, particularly in IT services and supply chain management.

Chris Loveland

Global Procurement Manager


South Park, PA

Chris brings extensive leadership experience in manufacturing, supply chain management, and procurement, spanning multiple industries and Fortune 500 companies. He has a proven track record of exemplary procurement management, particularly in large, multi-location global operations. As a results-oriented leader, Chris is passionate about operational excellence and possesses a unique blend of strategic foresight and hands-on execution. He excels in formulating visions, developing effective operating plans, and executing with precision. Chris is highly respected across all levels of organizations for his integrity, professionalism, and ability to foster talented teams.

Ashley‬‭ Frantz

‬Chief Procurement Officer‬


Cleveland, OH‬

Ashley Frantz is a collaborative, high-impact leader with nearly two decades of experience in procurement and operations, ranging from high-growth start-ups to complex international operations. Her ability to drive margin improvement and foster business growth through supply chain efficiencies and cost reductions speaks volumes about her strategic acumen. Starting from hands-on roles and progressively advancing to positions of greater responsibility underscores her commitment, capability, and adaptability in achieving goals. Her expertise in negotiation, team leadership, business and operations management, supplier relationship management, and process improvement positions her as a versatile and impactful leader.

Reed Thomas

Director of Supply Chain Management


Lincolnton, NC

Reed is an experienced Operations Director with a proven track record of optimizing supply chains, reducing costs, and ensuring quality control across diverse industries including medical devices, engineering, construction, and food and beverage. With expertise in supply chain management, logistics, and project operations, Reed has consistently delivered results by streamlining processes and implementing efficient strategies.

Michael L. Hollis

Director of Maintenance


Charlotte, NC

An accomplished professional with over two decades of expertise in Manufacturing, Equipment Engineering, Operations, and EH&S. Known for adeptly leading multiple teams and demonstrating a track record of initiative and success in challenging environments. A results-oriented manager with a proven ability to optimize operational processes and drive cross-functional collaboration. Achievements include enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction. Proficient in planning and executing facility projects while adhering to regulatory requirements and project deadlines.

Jan Pielsticker

Director of Supply Chain Operations


Philadelphia, PA

Jan is a versatile professional with a rich background in finance, operations, supply chain management, forecasting, and planning. With a keen eye for innovation and a strong commitment to results, Jan has consistently excelled in driving organizational growth and efficiency. His expertise spans from vendor management and supply chain optimization to new product introductions and process improvements. Jan is adept at leveraging large datasets for executive reporting, forecasts, and identifying cost-saving opportunities, while also demonstrating strong technology skills and advanced knowledge of MS Office tools and database management.

David Kostic

Director of Supply Chain


Bethlehem, PA

David is a results-oriented Director of Supply Chain with a proven track record of optimizing operations and driving strategic initiatives in the food service industry. With extensive experience spanning logistics, transportation, and supply chain management, David has consistently delivered cost savings, enhanced efficiencies, and improved customer service. His expertise in establishing and leading high-performing teams, coupled with his proficiency in leveraging technology and data analytics, enables him to streamline processes and achieve organizational objectives effectively.

Alexander Taylor

Senior Maintenance Logistics Director


Whispering Pines, NC

Alexander is a seasoned logistician with over three decades of experience in maintenance management and material logistics support across commercial and military sectors. Renowned for his dynamic leadership and strategic insight, he has successfully directed large teams of up to 500 personnel, ensuring operational excellence in maintenance facilities and production centers. Alexander's proficiency extends to overseeing the implementation of ERP systems, orchestrating lean principles, and optimizing production inventories to enhance organizational efficiency. His comprehensive expertise in Microsoft Software Applications, workflow software, and databases underscores his commitment to leveraging technology for operational enhancement.

John Edmondson

Senior Director of Procurement


Amelia, OH

John is a seasoned procurement professional with a wealth of experience in managing procurement operations, strategic sourcing, vendor management, and contract administration. With a track record of success in overseeing multimillion-dollar budgets and driving organizational initiatives, John excels in developing and implementing strategic procurement plans that align with organizational objectives. His expertise in process improvement, vendor diversity programs, and contract lifecycle management has consistently delivered significant cost savings and operational efficiencies across various industries.

Michael Saslo

Director of Supply Chain Operations


Kennett Square, PA

Michael is a results-oriented operations leader with 15 years of experience in building and leading globally dispersed teams. He possesses strong strategic planning skills and a track record of success in maximizing value for organizations and customers. Michael excels in communication and collaboration across functional areas, driving operational excellence through effective leadership and problem-solving.

Steve Wolf

Director of Operations


Wilmington , NC

Highly accomplished Logistics/Operations Executive with over 26 years of experience in distribution, transportation, operations, and services industries. Demonstrated capability in effective operational management, logistics development, and leadership skills resulting in substantial revenue growth and cost reduction. Proactive problem solver with strong diagnostic analysis skills and a track record of success in developing strategic plans.

Gary Forsyth

Assistant Director IT Procurement


Pickerington, OH

Gary is a dynamic leader with extensive experience in strategic sourcing, vendor management, and business process re-engineering (BPR). He excels in achieving significant cost savings, reducing cycle times, and mitigating risk through innovative sourcing strategies and strong negotiation skills. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to process improvement, Gary has consistently delivered bottom-line results by standardizing procedures, optimizing supplier relationships, and implementing efficient procurement practices across diverse industries.

Satya Sanivarapu

Director of Commercial Supply Chain


Basking Ridge, NJ

Satya is a seasoned Supply Chain Thought Leader with over 18 years of experience, leveraging technology and data science to solve complex challenges in the industry. With a background in technology and data science from MIT and extensive experience in leading CPG/Retail firms, Satya has honed his skills in applying machine learning algorithms, statistical modeling, and simulation software to drive strategic and tactical decisions in supply chain management.

Charles Carona

Vice President – Global Supply Chain


Dallas, TX

Charles is an accomplished professional with a robust background in global supply chain management, spanning various industries and companies of diverse sizes. With expertise in strategic procurement, inventory optimization, and team leadership, Charles has consistently delivered significant cost savings and operational improvements throughout his career. His experience in both the private sector and the military demonstrates his adaptability, leadership skills, and commitment to excellence.

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